French Siboy Artistically Rebrands Hardcore Rap, He Hopes

Olivia Walters, These Hidden Streets  
July 8, 2017

■ The first distinguishing traits about Siboy are his ski mask and his shiny grill flashing between two fingers doing the cunnilingus sign.

If there was a puzzle called “Match the Accessory to the Rapper,”  Biggie’s lopsided crown and Kanye’s runway ready parachute pants would make up the most iconic pieces.

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New Impressionism: Spray Paint

The City of Light is divided into 20 arrondissements and is dotted with expensive boutiques, while the left and right bank are separated by the Seine river. Looming over it all, the Eiffel Tower twinkles at night and makes for a classic selfie during the day. This is the image of Paris that never fails to touch out-of-towners. [Yawn] [Eye roll] It’s old, it’s dusty, it’s time for some new color.

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