Spooky Danish Sculptor’s Slice of Life

July 23, 2017
Olivia Walters, These Hidden Streets 

Olafur Eliasson, the contemporary Danish-Icelandic artist invited to expose last summer at the Château de Versailles, renovated Louis XIV’s former stomping ground by hanging a giant, pre-Christmas ornament from the ceiling. 

Or so the eye believed. 

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French Siboy Artistically Rebrands Hardcore Rap, He Hopes

Olivia Walters, These Hidden Streets  
July 8, 2017

■ The first distinguishing traits about Siboy are his ski mask and his shiny grill flashing between two fingers doing the cunnilingus sign.

If there was a puzzle called “Match the Accessory to the Rapper,”  Biggie’s lopsided crown and Kanye’s runway ready parachute pants would make up the most iconic pieces.

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After School Special: Bus #10

Olivia Walters, These Hidden Streets 

Mark 12:31

Look at me, impatiently waiting at the bus stop, one hand over my eyes, the other waving for the driver’s attention to take me home. Look at me, mounting the bus, scanning my pass, then doing the once-around to decide where I’ll sit. What an absolute joy it is to finally be out of the office!

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Dysfunctional Spaces: Parisian Art Without Grace

Olivia Walters, These Hidden Streets
June 3, 2017

Last December Lab 14 showcased a dystopian maze of graffiti, movable installations, and sculptures in the Montpartnasse district of Paris in what was once a post-office. Close to fifty artists participated in a project fully-aware of its expiration date just three months later. To some, an ephemeral concept that sought to push urban art beyond its structural limitations, wrote Clémentine Gallot for Libération. Still, the whole sequence honored a grungy ethos in one delicious moment of self-declaration: This is hell on earth and we’re here to welcome you in all of its beautiful impermanence.  Continue reading

Winter Sea Towns in Brittany, France

December 2016

After the fall months pass, the wind sloshes the harbor water near Pordic, France with an eerie silence. A quiet reserve takes over what seems to be a bustling area for visitors during the warmer part of the year. But now summer vacation is on pause, returning many communes in the northwestern region of Brittany to the year-round residents.

Even though the pace changes during the holiday season, that doesn’t stop Brittany from singing its pure, nautical lullaby.

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Sighting: Food Truck Takeover

We always hear that French people have an unfavorable impression about American cuisine. It’s greasy, it’s quick, and it’s too salty. However, in the past four years France has witnessed an American culinary invasion with the arrival of food trucks in Paris. Opinions about American dishes are changing as the trend explodes all over the city.

It’s about time the country tried a new taste.

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New Impressionism: Spray Paint

The City of Light is divided into 20 arrondissements and is dotted with expensive boutiques, while the left and right bank are separated by the Seine river. Looming over it all, the Eiffel Tower twinkles at night and makes for a classic selfie during the day. This is the image of Paris that never fails to touch out-of-towners. [Yawn] [Eye roll] It’s old, it’s dusty, it’s time for some new color.

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